Record Summer for Exports of Norwegian Seafood

The biggest growth markets in July were those of Portugal, the Netherlands and Thailand. In Portugal, the biggest growth was in salted fish and clipfish, while in the Netherlands growth was seen in frozen cod and haddock. In Thailand, salmon was the biggest contributor to growth.
This is an increase of NOK 94 million or 4% compared with July 2006. For the year to date seafood exports total NOK 20.2 billion, an increase of NOK 1.5 billion. This represents record exports for both the January-July period and the month of July.
“High prices for cod and haddock products, coupled with a strong increase in growth in the export volume of salmon, have contributed to a fantastic July month,” says NSEC managing director Terje Martinussen.
Exports of salmon totalled NOK 1.3 billion in July. The volume of exports (in whole fish) totalled 54,000 tonnes, an increase of 52% compared with July 2006. For the year to date, exports of salmon are valued at NOK 9.8 billion. France, Denmark and the UK are the biggest importers of salmon from Norway.

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