Danish Embassy Supports Vietnamese Women to Run B2B Projects

Female Vietnamese entrepreneurs will play a key role in many future projects supported by the Danish Business-to-Business Programme (B2B) in Vietnam. The Danish Embassy in Hanoi has just signed a contract with Hanoi Young Business Association, where a qualified group from Hanoi Network for Entrepreneur Women, HNEW, will be in focus.
“The staff of HNEW has a good network that can help find Vietnamese partners for Danish companies. The Embassy of Denmark is pleased to be able to support Vietnamese women in their efforts to build up the country” said Mr. Rasmus Vaupel, Counselor at the Embassy of Denmark responsible for the B2B programme in Vietnam, after the signing.
The Danish Embassy will arrange seminars in the coming 12 month to encourage the Vietnamese partner companies to hire or promote female entrepreneurs. On top of that the Danish Embassy hopes to be able to create a sort of mentor arrangement, where women entrepreneurs teach other women with the potential to be managers.
The B2B Programme’s strategy is to let female Vietnamese entrepreneurs arrange meetings with visiting Danish companies who want a long-term partnership with a Vietnamese company. If the resources are available the Danish Embassy will work to attract Danish companies with female managers also.

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