Two Danish Male Dancers to Perform in Vietnam

The innovative dancing group of two Danish men, “Åben Dans” (“Open Dance”) will do several performances in Vietnam and conduct a workshop with young Vietnamese dancers during the week “Denmark at it’s best” in November 2007. Their unconventional exploration of the limits of the performance art will hopefully inspire young Vietnamese dancers.
The two male dancers, Thomas Eisenhardt and Ole Birger Hansen, will visit Vietnam and present the performance “Arms and Legs – and Something In-Between” in Hanoi and the province of Dien Bien.
The performance can be described as a dance collage full of humour, madness and seriousness, with focus on the body. It starts from the questions: What is the body? What can it do – and what is it supposed to do?
“Åben Dans” is distinguished for the mix of sincerity, aesthetics and humour in an entertaining exploration of what dance can express, when it is brought into a new context.
At the workshop with young Vietnamese dancers, “Åben Dans” will introduce modern dance seen from a Danish point of view. The interest for modern dance is increasing in Vietnam, and the visit of “Åben Dans” will hopefully inspire the dancers and support the modern dance scene in Vietnam.

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