DANIDA to Help Vietnamese Government Towards Integrated Water Resource Management

Danida, together with other donors, co-finances a joint government donor review of the water sector in Vietnam aiming at helping the government adopt integrated water resource management.
The water sector in Vietnam comprises severe problems ranging from unclear institutional framework, lack of relevant guidelines and regulations to polluted rivers, over-exploited groundwater resources, and conflicts over distribution of limited resources.
Therefore an integrated water resource management (IWRM) project is initiated. It aims at helping the government and its development partners re-examine the state of the water sector and adopt integrated water resources management (IWRM) principles in line with objectives of the National Water Resources Strategy towards 2020.
“One of the outputs of the review is a common framework representing a shared vision and a consensus for cooperation in the water sector into the future”, said Des Cleary, team leader of the consultants.
The Inception Workshop to kick-start the project was held in Hanoi October 10th 2007. It is expected that by end of June 2008, the draft final report consisting of assessment of the water sector status, options, issues and priorities as well as recommended actions will be presented at workshops for comments.

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