Reprint Of Muhammad Cartoon No Cause for Riots Yet

Two years after one of the biggest international crisis in Denmark, also known as the Muhammad crisis, several European papers have reprinted one of the infamous drawings.
This happens the day after three persons were arrested in Denmark this Wednesday, allegedly plotting to kill a Danish cartoonist responsible for one of the original twelve drawings.
The three suspects were apprehended by PET (the Danish police intelligence agency). A forty-year-old Danish man of Moroccan descent will probably be released after interrogation, while the two men from Tunisia are likely to be expelled from Denmark after the interrogation. None of the three men are at this point charged with having committed any crime.
Two years ago the Muhammad crises made it’s path across the globe, reaching as far as Jakarta in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Sources in the Danish ministry of foreign affairs confirm that there has been no riots in the Southeast Asian capitals due to the reprinting of the cartoons this far.

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