Swedish Aptilo Shall Blanket Indonesia With Broadband Internet Acces

CSM, a domestic and international broadband data/multimedia satellite and terrestrial network service provider in Indonesia, has selected the Swedish company Aptilo’s Mobile Wimax AAA Connectivity Service Network (CSN) platform, to enable services over CSM’s Indonesian Wimax network.
The network, which is the first such network to be built in Indonesia, will blanket Indonesia with broadband Internet access. The network will utilize Aptilo’s access and policy control service management platform. 
According to Agus Buntaran, DSM general manager, this project will grow to encompass all of Indonesia, providing the entire region with Wimax access. Aptilo’s scalability and their ability to ramp up quickly were also very important to CSM in picking a service management and access control solution.
Aptilo Networks points out, that Indonesia’s underdeveloped IT infrastructure has had a significant negative impact on broadband penetration. There were only 194,400 broadband Internet connections for a total population of 234 million in December 2007. Providing a wireless framework such as Wimax will make the Internet more accessible to more people.
Jan Sjönell, managing director Asia/Middle East, Aptilo Networks, said that significant time and money can be saved in procurement, installation and maintenance, when choosing an integrated solution, because the number of vendors with different subsystems will be reduced. 
“Our customers rely on our proven track record for successful deployments, and our ability to support their growth with stable platforms that can grow quickly as needed. We are proud to be working with CSM on this important deployment,” he said.
CSM has decided to begin the Wimax deployments with Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta, along with Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang, Bandung and Surabaya. The company anticipates one million subscribers by the year 2012.

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