More Than 120 Danish Women Got Bigger Breasts In Thailand In 2007

At least 120 Danish women travelled to Thailand in 2007 to save money on their so deeply desired breast implant operation. That number is higher than ever before. And the key to the increasing number is two companies specialising in combined surgery and leisure travels, namely Hygeia Beauty, and Kirurgirejser.
In Denmark, a breast operation will cost 36.000 kroner. In Thailand, the price for a similar operation will come to 12.500 kroner. At the top of that figure, comes the extra’s like travel and hotel in Thailand. All together, approximately 22.000 kroner.
“We experience an increasing number of clients. The Danes are now aware of the price and the quality of the operations in Thailand,” Martin Olsen. the CEO at Hygeia Beauty said to Politiken. Hygeia Beauty is the biggest “travel agent” in that type of arrangements in Denmark.
Kirugirejser is another Danish company, cutting in on that particular market.
“We experience more and more Danes, who want to combines surgeon and leisure. And at the same time save money,” Atef El-Kher, the man behind Kirugirejser said.
According to the president of ”Dansk Selskab for Kosmetisk Plastikkirurgi”, Per Bjerregård, three Danish women get breast enlargements every single day. And he is sure, that that number will increase in the future.
“The young generation, will no longer accept their natural outlook,” the surgeon says to the Danish daily Politiken.  

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