Norwegian Officer Handcuffed On A Plane And Jailed In Malaysia

A Norwegian ship officer drank an entire bottle of liquor and then went amok on a KLM aircraft on its way to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He was handcuffed and can probably expect a solid fine.
    “I can confirm that the man appeared so aggressively against passengers and crews that came to a point where the captain had no choice but to handcuff the passenger “, says KLM’s spokeswoman Marisca Kensenhuis to VG.
    The newspaper writes that the man should have emptyed a hole bottle of 60 percent liquor before he went amok during the twelve-hour flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia last Monday.
    “He drank his own liquor, it was very inebriated, and he was harassing both passengers and crews and did not calm down in spite of several warnings, “says Kensenhuis.
    Already several hours before landing in Malaysia, the Norwegian officer was in handcuffs. On arrival, he was arrested by armed police and had to spend the night in the jail in the Muslim country.
    The Norwegian is likely to be punished with a solid penalty. The bad behaviour may also have cost the man the job in a shipping company in Western Norway.
    “I can confirm that one of our employees was involved in an episode on that flight, but we will have all the facts and all versions on the table before we comment on the matter, “says the shipping company’s director to VG.
    He can therefore neither confirm nor disprove that the officer has been dismissed, but points out that other members of the group who travelled with the man, has referred the case to be a storm in a tumbler.

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