New Trainees at the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok.

The Royal Danish Embassy welcomes two new trainees, Ida Sophie Tancula Plum and Elaheh Peyman Tabar, who will work at the Embassy until the end of January , 2009.

Ida Sophie Tancula Plum has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Copenhagen University and enrolled in graduate school at the same university September 2007, specializing in development economics. Ida’s main field of interest is the spatial disparities in developing countries and what this means for economic development. Economic development is closely linked with a healthy business environment and international trade. In this regard Danish companies entering the Thai market or partnering up with Thai companies will not only be beneficial for the respective companies but also for the economic development of Thailand.

Elaheh Peyman Tabar is currently a master’s student of Political Science at the University of Aarhus. During her stay at the embassy, she will primarily be working in the commercial section. Elaheh feels extremely privileged to be working there at this particular time, as the Embassy will be celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Denmark in November. This event is a unique opportunity for Elaheh to take part in the preparatory work with many Danish as well as Thai companies here in Thailand. Elaheh is very much looking forward to learn more about trade and business in Thailand and have already had the pleasure of being introduced to the infamous Foreign Business Act. She expects her time here in Bangkok to be a great learning experience.

ScandMedia would like to welcome them both to Bangkok. We hope they’ll have a great stay and a rewarding internship.

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