Great Interest For Norwegian Project In Pattaya

The Norwegian institution for treatment and rehabilitation of Norwegian citizens, Baan Sabaijai, which Oskar Jorgensen has created with great enthusiasm, has now attracted the Thai authorities attention. 
Now three main government organisations have asked for permission to visit Baan Sabaijai, to learn about Norwegian care methods, ethics and morals. The three organizations are “The Bureau of Empowerment for Older People”,  “The Office of Welfare Promotion, Protection and Empowerment of Vulnerable groups (PPP)”, and “Ministry of Social Development and Human Society” – the Thai Government’s responsibility for elder care in the Kingdom of Thailand, . 
In total, 20 people are visiting the Norwegian institution November 12, 2008, while six people will follow next day.
The visits are conducted in connection with a seminar to be held in Pattaya. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

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