Denmark Support Vietnamese Steel And Iron Industries

assistance from international consultants steel and iron industries in
Vietnamese provinces will be audited with a view to optimizing the production
and making it more environmentally friendly.

     As part of
Danidas assistance to Cleaner Production in Industries (CPI), Danish
consultants are supporting Vietnam
in making the heavy industries more environmentally friendly.

     The steel
and iron industry is a vital part of the heavy industry sector in Vietnam and is
considered key for economic growth. Factories have been started since 1970s,
mainly in Thai Nguyen province the first industrial zone of Vietnam. These
factories cause significant pollution for the surrounding and local communities
as well as neighbour provinces.

consultant team will visit a number of factories and assess the manufacturing
process, equipment and facilities in order to give recommendations on how to
increase energy efficiency and optimizing material use as well as how to
improve the environment. Then, new technology as well as solution for water and
solid waste treatment will be suggested and discussed with the factories.

the manufacturing process will also improve the working environment at the
companies as the unstructured storage of materials and other issues creates an
unsafe workplace.


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