Strategy Talks Between Indonesia And Sweden

The Swedish Government is currently carrying out extensive changes in order to make its development cooperation more efficient. In order to reflect these changes, a new strategy for Indonesia will be developed for the period 2009-2013 and will replace the current strategy (2005-2009).
    A meeting between representatives of the Indonesian and Swedish Governments, for a discussion on the main expected aspects of the coming development strategy with Indonesia, will be held on the 24 November at the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta. Other meetings with relevant partners will also be held during the same week.  
    Future cooperation with Indonesia will take new forms through selective cooperation in which traditional development cooperation will gradually be phased out and cooperation between actors in Sweden and Indonesia, involving institutions, organisations and others, is expected to play and increasingly important role.
    Selective cooperation, in general, is conducted with limited funds in certain countries where Sweden’s traditional development cooperation is being phased out, but where there is a value during a transitional period in promoting various forms of actor-driven cooperation as a bridge between development cooperation and self-supporting relations based on mutual interest.
    Other forms of cooperation for support to priority areas can also be considered in countries with selective cooperation. Actor-driven cooperation should normally account for the bulk of selective cooperation in the countries of this category from low or middel income countries.
    The characteristics of actor-driven cooperation in relation to Indonesia means a form of cooperation driven out of demands and mutual interest for cooperation coming from institutiones, organisiations or other actors in Sweden and their counterparts in Indonesia based on mutual interest and dual ownership (through, for example, cost-sharing) of the cooperation or project.
    The actors themselves are expected to carry out the cooperation based on a division of responsibility. The aid provided for from the Swedish governement is intended to act as a catalyst, e g in order to get the cooperation started in its first phases.
    Actor-driven cooperation can be funded from the development cooperation appropriation and/or from other expenditure areas of the national budget.  

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