SAS continues to bring customers back from Thailand

Since Friday many flight companies have been using the military airbase U-Tapao. This includes SAS, who Saturday rerouted a flight from Bangkok to U-Tapao, from where it carried a maximum load of 247 passengers to Stockholm. 
 As U-tapao airport has now been stretched beyond its capacity, SAS has deemed it is not possible to continue operations at U-tapao airport. SAS flights will
instead be operated to and from Phuket in southern Thailand.
One of SAS’ airlines had been stuck at Suvarnabhumi Airport since it was closed. However it had now been able to take off and it will fly to Phuket, form where it will departure to Scandinavia.
SAS will do its utmost to assist transport for passengers in Bangkok by bus to Phuket and vice versa. Three separate departures are planned to match the three
departing flights to Scandinavia. 
Since SAS does not have an indication of when Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport will reopen at this stage, they will in this extraordinary situation operate to and from Phuket until further notice.

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