Two Finnair flights per day

Bangkok International Airport is still closed. Due to the situation, Finnair will have to cancel all of its Helsinki-Bangkok flights and the corresponding return flights this week. The latest flight to be cancelled is the 23.55 flight from Helsinki on 7 December.
    The returning passengers will be brought from Bangkok via Phuket at least until 10 December. Since Saturday, one repatriation flight per day has arrived in Helsinki. To date, Finnair has brought more than one thousand passengers back to Helsinki. From Wednesday 3 December, more than 500 passengers per day will be repatriated, when two flights per day fly from Phuket to Helsinki.
    “The Thai authorities have granted us additional flying rights, allowing us to increase the number of repatriation flights. We estimate that the number of passengers remaining in Bangkok will begin to decrease from 3 December and that by mid-week 10 December we will have repatriated most of the passengers,” explains Finnair’s VP Operations Logistics Ville Iho.
    Those passengers who have waited longest for their return flights will be bought home first. Families with children and the elderly are given priority.
    “Contacting passengers in these circumstances has been very challenging. We have, however, managed to contact most of them and they have been informed of the arrangements. Transportation overland from Bangkok to Phuket has gone well and service at Phuket Airport has been efficient, despite the large number of passengers,” says Finnair’s VP Customer Concepts and Marketing Paavo Virkkunen.
    Bangkok International Airport has been closed since Tuesday 25 November. Passengers returning from Bangkok to Helsinki have been transported via Phuket since Saturday 29 November last week.
    Return flights from Phuket to Helsinki (local time)
Tuesday 2 December
Departure from Phuket 00.35, in Helsinki 06.25

Wednesday 3 December
Departure from Phuket 00.35, in Helsinki 06.25
Departure from Phuket 18.00, in Helsinki 02.35 + 1

Thursday–Wednesday 4–10 December
departure from Phuket 00.35, in Helsinki 06.25
departure from Phuket 11.40, in Helsinki 17.30

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