Norway Supporting ILO Initiative On Human Trafficking

Recently Norwegian Ambassador Eivind Homme and ILO Country Director Alan Boulton signed into effect an agreement on “Combating Forced Labour and Trafficking of Indonesian Migrant Workers, Phase II”
    Norway will place at the disposal of ILO a contribution in an amount of NOK 16,2 million over three years 2009 -2011 constituting 100% of the project budget.
    The project goal is to eradicate forced labour and trafficking of migrant domestic workers in South East Asia through strengthening policy and regulatory frameworks, increasing awareness and strengthening service provision for migrant domestic workers and their families.
    The project’s target group is Indonesian migrant workers, particularly migrant domestic workers, who are subjected to trafficking and forced labour practices, including trafficking for sexual exploitation, in Indonesia and in major destination countries in South East Asia.
    The number of direct beneficiaries is estimated to be  20,000 Indonesian migrant domestic workers. They are mostly women/girls between 14-40 years of age, rural poor, with primary level education only, unskilled, most married, and some divorced.


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