Brewer Carlsberg Increase Net Profit and New Breweries To Come

Danish brewer Carlsberg last Tuesday reported higher net profit for 2009, based on market gains in Eastern Europe and Asia. The net profit of 4.2 billion kroner (771 million dollars), compared to 3.2 billion kroner for 2008.
Turnover in 2009 dropped 1 per cent to 59 billion kroner.
The group said it made “particularly strong gains in the Ukraine and Russia” and kept its overall share in Northern and Western Europe.
In its outlook for Asia, the group expected market growth to continue and noted that, in 2009, it had begun building two new breweries in India and Vietnam.
The Danish brewer has sales in more than 150 markets and said it sold the equivalent of 103 million bottles of beer a day in 2008.

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