Surprise Election of New Danish-Thai Chamber Board

A new board of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce was elected on Wednesday evening 10 March 2010. Surprisingly, though, the original six candidates fielded by the board suddenly became seven candidates when Stig Vagt Andersen of Ben Adisti Co., Ltd. rose to his feet and announced his candidacy to the new board immediately prior to the election. So who would not be elected? Mr Vagt Andersen or one of the candidates proposed by the board?

After several recounts of the ballots it was clear that Palle Borgselius of Scanmach Co., Ltd. would not be re-elected to the board while instead Mr Stig Vagt Andersen became a new board member.

The list of all six elected board members were:
Peter Romhild (Berli Jucker)
Soren Presmann (Presmann (Thailand))
Santhapat Periera (Tillekke & Gibbins)
Jakob Ingemann (ECCO)
Jacob Boysen (Visit Beyond)
Stig Vagt Andersen (Ben Adisti)

Prior to the election of a new Board, the members had listened to and approved President Peter Romhild’s report on the activities of the DTCC during the past year and the financial report presented by Treasurer Soren Pressmann. To conduct the meeting, the members had once again elected former President Poul Weber.

The election process was very long due to the close race, so there was plenty of time for Ambassador Michael Sternberg to make a speech on the current political situation in Thailand. If he could choose, he would have preferred a stronger wording of the current travel advice on Thailand issued by the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It should simply say “Don’t come to Bangkok this weekend,” he said.

Encouraged by President Peter Romhild, the Ambassador also spoke on the current situation in Burma. The Ambassador said the consensus in Europe was that the isolation policy had failed and only hurt the population. A new policy of constructive engagement was thus initiated. The Danish foreign ministry would consequently open an office in Yangon manned by the experienced Danish diplomat Ulrich Sorensen as soon as formalities would be solved.

Peter Romhild concluded the Annual General Meeting with presenting Mrs. Waltrud Sternberg with a bouquet of flowers as a sign of gratitude from the members for once again to be able to hold the Annual Meeting of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce in the beautiful home of the Ambassador and his wife.

After the meeting, some fifty members continued to enjoy the evening in the garden of the Ambassador and his wife where an excellent seafood dinner was served.

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