Hard Rocking Jazz in Bangkok

Five Scandinavians Friday night entertained around 100 Thais at Mingles Pub and Restaurant at the Atrium Hotel at Petchburi Road in Bangkok. The band was the Swedish-Danish-Norwegian JazzKamikaze, which plays their own fusion of jazz and rock. This month they are doing their tour in Asia.

Friday night was a special concert for HitmanJazz business partners and friends. Most of them Thais but also a few foreigners enjoyed JazzKamikaze’s music this night. Kamikaze is Japanese and means something like storm, which very well suits the Scandinavian band, which have to be experienced live. Jazz is usually sit down and relax music but the JazzKamikaze concert was more in stand up rock manners. The stage was filled with an amount of energy never seen at jazz concerts before.

Their repertoire included a song for Myanmar, which two of the band members visited a couple of years ago, the song was called Land of Gold. While playing a more jazzy song the band promised the next one will be more rocky, still the first song was doing it quite good as a track of  rock.

The five young guys where all dressed in black t-shirts and vests and very much into their music performance. Using their bodies as well as their voices to tell their story and reach the audience. The big applauses and the many young women screaming were a clear indicator that the audience was satisfied. The concert went on without any pauses for the band. One time the Danish version of  “one-two-three-four” said like “en-to-tre-fire” was shouted out by the Danish vocalist.

Before the concert ended so many young women was screaming and cheering it was more like Rolling Stones was in the house than a jazz band. And standing was no more a possibility but an obligation, when the saxophone and clarinet was played at once by one man and the audience was singing along: “The music is heaven..”

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