Swedish Phuket Beggar Cremated Today

In May this year, the body of a Swedish woman was found in the streets of Phuket. Gabriella Rose-Marie Strand had become a familiar face on the island as she was often seen begging for food and sleeping where ever possible, either alone or with her Swedish boyfriend, Lennart Lundqvist.

After her death of natural causes, nobody has been able to locate Mr. Lundqvist, and Phuketwan reports that he may not even be aware of the passing of his girlfriend. The Swedish authorities have however been able to find Ms. Strand’s daughter who has asked for her mother’s ashes to be brought back to Sweden.

The daughter will not attend the cremation which takes place today. Neither will Mr. Lundqvist, and so Ms. Strand will be all alone. The cremation seems to mark a sad ending for a sad existence.

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