Five Norwegian Features at Shanghai Film Festival

Five Norwegian features have been selected for the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival that will be held between June 12-20. With a screening program of close to 1,000 films, the festival is the biggest event of its kind in the country.

This year there will be a Nordic presentation on family films, and five Norwegian features are selected in this category: ORPS – the Movie, Through a Glass- Darkly, Finding Friends, Trigger and Twigson. Based on Anne Cath. Vestly’s famous novel, Twigson is Norwegian director Åsleik Engmark’s feature debut. With 65,214 admissions during its opening weekend, it is the most successful launch of a children’s film in Norway since 2003.

Since its beginning in 1993, Shanghai International Film Festival has grown to become China’s only A-category international film festival. Reflecting the Chinese film industry’s uplifted position during the last years, Shanghai International Film Festival has also gained considerably more attention from filmmakers and the public both in China and abroad. During these 8 days in June, thousands of film industry professionals will arrive Shanghai, and with over 300,000 movie-goers each year the public participation keeps ranking high compared to most international film festivals. Approximately 16 nominations, all of which are Asian premieres, come into the final round in the competition for the Golden Goblet Award – the festival’s grand prix.

Screening schedule:


2010-06-15 18:45 龙之梦影城五厅 Hall 5,Cloud Nine Cinema

2010-06-16 18:45 环艺电影城五厅 Hall5, Studio City Cinema


2010-06-15 13:30 万裕国际影城一厅 Hall1, Broadband International Cineplex

2010-06-16 18:45 龙之梦影城五厅 Hall 5,Cloud Nine Cinema


2010-06-15 15:45 今典世纪放电影院一厅 Hall 1,Movie Station New Era Mall

2010-06-20 15:45 星美国际影城五厅 Hall1,Stellar International Cineplex


2010-06-15 21:00 龙之梦影城五厅 Hall 5,Cloud Nine Cinema

2010-06-19 15:45 上影希杰莘庄影城七厅 Hall7,Shanghai Shangying CGV Cinema


2010-06-17 18:45 永华电影城八厅 Hall8,Yong Hua Cinema

2010-06-18 18:45 龙之梦影城五厅 Hall 5,Cloud Nine Cinema

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