Holiday in Denmark Cheaper This Year

In one year, it has become 22 percent more expensive for Danish tourists to enjoy their holiday in Thailand. But at the same time 15 percent cheaper for Thai tourists to enjoy the summer nights in Denmark.

The reason is the Euro’s decline, which means that Danish tourists receive less Thai Baht for their money. 

Danes who travel to Thailand on holiday is no longer as wealthy as previously. In one year, it has become 22 percent more expensive to have your vacation in Thailand, according to the Danish travel-site

But if you do the other way around. Go on vacation in Denmark from Thailand your Thai Baht will worth 15 percent more than last year.

It is the Euro’s decline that is taking the Danish crown in the fall. And it means that Danish tourists get fewer Baht when they order their holiday currency reports

Never before so little Thai Bath for the Danish Crown
The Danish bank Spar Nord has calculated on the exchange rate of 1 June this year and compared it to one year ago, and not since 2002, the Danes have gained so few Thai Baht for a Danish crown as this year.

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