Scandinavians Haven’t Been Scared Away From Thailand

The recent political instability in Bangkok has far from scared the Danes off. The Danish travel giant Spies Travel reports that the number of travels to Thailand compared to the same time last year is much higher.

The number of tourists travelling to Bangkok is, however, dropping but that is partly due to the current low season and at the same time, the number of tourists travelling to Phuket is increasing.

“Even before the school holidays have begun, we have sold more than 30 percent more winter trips to Thailand than we did at the same time last year,” says Managing Director of Spies, Jan Vendelbo.

“That is why we are searching high and low for more flight capacity. More than 91 percent of our guests, who visited attractive Thai destinations such as Phuket, Krabi, and Kao Lak are planning to come back.”

Swedes travel in spite of problems
In Sweden, Thailand has been one of the favorite holiday destinations for years, and the trend there appears to be similar to the one in Denmark: It takes more than a few riots and an active vulcano to keep them away from the tropical country. 

A new survey conducted by has showed that less than nine percent have changed their travel plans because of the Bangkok riots, and CEO of Michael Blaxland is quite surprised by this:

“Given the media coverage, it is surprising that more people have not changed their travel plans,” he said and adds that this goes for the media coverage of all the ongoing crises in the world at the moment – including ash clouds and oil leaks.

“The clear conclusion of the study is that the Swedes are much less vulnerable to crises around the world than you might think,” he says.

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