The “Danish” Color Club Support Handicapped People

The Color Club (TCC), a joint venture with support from the Embassy of Denmark has streamlined its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in providing better vocational education and offering permanent jobs to disabled people.

After two years of operation in Vietnam, The Color Club has recruited and provided computer and graphic training to 34 employees including 8 disabled staff. The company’s workforce is split in two groups who work day and night. The Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen made a visit to TCC and talked to the company’s employees.

Responding to the Ambassador, Ms. Thuy who has myasthenia in her leg, and Cuong who was wounded in his leg during his service in the military, said they had been employed for a year and were happy with their jobs.

Carsten Conradt-Eberlin, the Danish manager, said that despite the fact that they do not have much working experience they are very good at their tasks. In addition, having these special staff in the team makes a great impact on the working atmosphere

TCC is enhancing the efforts by implementing a project in collaboration with Thank Long Vocational School and Saigon Children Charity to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children to get better vocational education and a good start in life. This project will offer free of charge six-month or one-year training courses in Digital Imaging and Graphic Design at TCC office. The objective is to train 12 youngsters aging 18 to 25 every year. TCC and the organizations will help these graduates to find job in Advertising Agencies and Production Houses or even as Photographer Assistant. Budget for this project will be partly supported by the B2B programme on buying computers utilizing only on this training, while the rest will be from TCC.  Carsten Conradt-Eberlin confidently said “I have no worry to start this project, because I know I will have full back-up from my staff to assist me in training”.

In addition to the CSR initiative, TCC has expanded customer profiles into real estate sector and increased its turnover during last year despite of the international financial crisis, which has had a significant negative impact on the economy of the graphic industry as a whole. TCC has received additional grant of DKK 1,810,000 to continue the B2B project phase.

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