World Cup: Danish Football Fan Culture on Chinese TV

Chinese TV viewers got an entertaining insight into the unique Danish football fan culture during the CCTV1 programme “Fans Carnival” on Monday 14 June.

On the occasion of the ongoing World Cup in football in South Africa, Chinese TV channel CCTV1 broadcasted a programme on football fan culture in Denmark. Here, a group of enthusiastic Danish football fans residing in China, showed and told about the unique Danish culture related to Denmark’s participation at the World Cup in football.

National colours from head to toe – and on the bicycles
On the programme, Danish fans explained how many Danes meet in large groups to watch the matches together on big screens – either in town squares, parks or pubs. Everyone is dressed up in national colours red and white from head to toe, and are likely to also wear funny hats, wigs or viking helmets in red and white.

Known as a nation of cyclists, the fans from Denmark also played a game of the alternative sport “Bicycle Football” as part of the programme, on red-and-white bicycles lent by the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

TV programme can be reviewed on CCTV5
People who were not able to watch the programme that was broadcast on Monday 14 June will still have the opportunity to learn more about Danish football culture as there will be reruns of the programme on Chinese sports channel CCTV5 the following days.

Please see the CCTV website for more information and a teaser from the programme.

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