Police Identify Attacker of Danish Man

Police have identified the British man suspected of inflicting the injuries that likely caused the death of a married Danish man who came back to a Soi Diana beer bar to finish an earlier fight over a bargirl.

Police have released this sketch of the man they are seeking to question in the death of Lars Toft Jensen, a pub owner from the town of Oelstykke in Denmark.


Identified only as “John,” the suspect is in his 50s and stands 180 cm. tall. Two women at the Orn Beer Bar positively identified him from security camera footage and police were preparing an arrest warrant, writes Pattaya Mail.


The charges stem from the Oct. 5 death of Lars Toft Jensen, 43, at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where he’d been taken two days before after being found unconscious in his Soi Diana guesthouse room.


Jensen and wife Ratchanok Kamme had just arrived from Denmark with their newborn child. While she went to show off the baby to the parents in Rayong, Jensen – reportedly a frequent visitor to Pattaya – went out on the town and while drinking at the popular Danish hangout, Orn Bar, got into a jealousy-fueled altercation with “John” over one of the hostesses there, 42-year-old Amintra Chantapan, writes Pattaya Mail


According to Pattaya Mail, witnesses said “John” or a friend of his knocked the Dane down. Police were called and the incident ended peacefully. But not willing to let it go, Jensen returned about 30 minutes later and supposedly blindsided one of the two Brits, knocking him to the ground. “John” allegedly then knocked down the Dane, kicked him in the head and pounded his skull into the pavement.


Bloodied, the Danish man again retreated and supposedly went back to his hotel, Pattaya Mail explains


Hours later, worried about Jensen, Orn Bar cashier Satisra Wetsuwan said she went to check on Jensen and found him unconscious. She called paramedics who took him to the hospital, where doctors said he was suffering from water on the brain, as well as other injures. He never recovered.

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