Swedish Woman Killed By Poisonous Jellyfish?

A poisonous jellyfish may have killed a Swedish woman in Cha-Am.

Ann Nordh, 59, from Jonkoping died last Sunday in the resort of Cha-am in Thailand when she went swimming, writes the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

An autopsy will later determine the cause of death. But according to the hospital she was taken to its most likely that she has been in contact a deadly jellyfish. Ann Nordh was in Thailand on holiday together with her husband.

According to the marine biology centre in Phuket, the box jellyfish has become more common in recent years in the waters off Malaysia and Thailand – popular winter destinations for hordes of Swedish tourists.

The centre issued an official warning last winter when an unusual number of the deadly jellyfish were found off the coast.


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