Peer, mày nói láo!

Students from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema created an amazing atmosphere on 23 November 2010 when they performed the famous play Peer Gynt by the celebrated Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

The Norwegian theatre play Peer Gynt has this autumn been practiced and interpreted by students from the Theatre Department of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema. They have spent several weeks under guidance of the Norwegian director Morten Krogh to prepare for the splendid performance that was given on the Academy’s own main stage on 23 November 2010.

Creative stage props, special lighting, and above all engaged actors created an almost magical energy on stage. The exciting atmosphere was already present in the famous opening scene where Peer Gynt tells his mother unbelievable stories, which she reveals are all lies and bursts out: “Peer, mày nói láo!” – meaning: “Peer, you are lying!”

The happy students after the show. Director Morten Krogh in the middle. Photo: Linn Helene Husby Løken
Cheers and applause followed immediately by the audience, who filled the entire room. They were obviously impressed by the devotion and passion displayed in the actors’ expressions.

The performance was part of a Norwegian-Vietnamese cultural exchange project that was initiated in 2006, which was the national Henrik Ibsen-year in Norway. Since then, four plays of Ibsen have been presented in Vietnam: Hedda Gabler; A Doll’s House; Brand; The Wild Duck; and now the fifth Peer Gynt.

Norway has supported the Peer Gynt project since the beginning.


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