Sweden Talks Environment in Indonesia

Ewa Björling, the Swedish Minister of Trade had a busy schedule yesterday, discussing concepts like the Swedish Sustainable City and Eco Airport with the Minister for Public Works, Djoko Kirmanto and the Minister of the Environment, Gusti M. Hatta.

“The meetings have been quite successful, so far,” says Michael B. Olsson, Chairman of the Swedish Business Association in Indonesia who takes part in the tour.

“Indonesia is commited to turn Denpasar International Airport into a Eco Airport by reducing carbon emissions substantially and Swedish know-how is an important part of this process”, he says.

Ewa Björling praised Indonesia for showing a firm commitment to improving the environment.

“President Susilo Bambang Yuduyono’s firm commitments to reduce carbon emissions are impressive and Swedish Governmental Agencies and private sector companies have over the years developed our policy, planning and a very high technology in the environmental field that we like to share with Indonesia”, she said on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Swedish Minister met with Indonesia’s First the Minister of Trade, Mari Pangestu and later with the Secretary General of ASEAN, Surin Pitsuwan.

“Indonesia’s important ASEAN presidency 2011 makes the visit to Jakarta even more timely and interesting“, says the Ewa Björling.

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