AGM at the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The Annual General Meeting of the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce was held on Tuesday 29 March 2011 at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

The AGM welcomed the following new members of the Board of Govenors:
Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg, Said Irandoust, Bjorn Richardsson and Stefan de Bekass who replaced the resigning Govenors: Joacim Damgard , Roby Jansens, Chaiyot Piyawannarat, Hakan Olsson and David Romlin.

TSCC have suffered a loss for 2 years and also lost members and the board has decided on a new strategy including organisational changes and improved income and reduced cost. The economy should be recovering this year as the presented budget for 2011 shows a surplus as revenue has been improved and costs has been reduced. TSCC has also established 6 working committees.

The Chairman asked for comments on the Annual Report of Activities. There were no added comments. The Annual Report of Activities was acknowledged and approved.

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