Foreigners Should Live by Danish Norms

Foreigners in Denmark should not live by their home country’s norms, according to a large majority of Danes.

In an opinion poll by TNS Gallup for Berlingske, 20 percent of the respondents said foreigners in Denmark should fully live by Danish norms, while a large majority, 72 percent, believe foreigners should mainly live by Danish norms.

This opinion poll comes after Minister for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs Søren Pind rejected the notion of a multicultural society.

The opinion poll also underlines the importance of immigration policy, when it comes to voter support. 64 percent say immigration policy plays an important or somewhat important part in terms of who they are going to vote for in the next parliamentary election.

That number is surprisingly high, despite the fact that the immigration debate is everywhere, says voting expert Johannes Andersen from Aalborg University.


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