Flunk is the new Pass

Norwegian electronic band, Flunk, will make their first appearance in China touring the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the months of September.
Their tour will start in Beijing and then will proceed to Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Flunk is a Norwegian electronic band consisting of producer Ulf Nygaard, guitarist Jo Bakke, drummer Erik Ruud, and vocalist Anja Oyen Vister.
The band began initially as a project between Ulf and Jo in Oslo, Norway between 2000 and 2001. As an instrumental and sampled vocal project, they were signed for a track on a compilation by Beatservice Records in 2001.
On hearing the finished track, label manager Vidar Hanssen signed the unnamed band for a full album. When Anja joined the band later in 2001, Ulf and Jo recorded most of the album and Anja improvised the vocals. Soon Erik Ruud was added to their live squad.
The band has previously also been on a mini-tour to the US West Coast, including Seattle, San Fransico and Los Angeles.
In 2002, the band came up with “Flunk” as their name and released their first single, a cover of New Order’s Blue Monday. The track was well received in the UK and was included on numerous compilations in North America and Europe.
Flunk has produced a total of six albums. The latest was released in 2009 entitled This Is What You Get.

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