The International A Cappella Festival 2011

Singapore’s International A Cappella Festival 2011 will be held tomorrow, 13 October, at the School of the Arts. The festival has been established as a month-long vocal extravaganza featuring top acapella groups from many countries and of various styles.

This year’s line up will be highlighted by some of Europe’s best acappella groups such as The Real Group from Sweden, with its world acclaimed and multiple award winning a cappella music, Muttis Kinder and Suade for comedy-flavoured concerts, alongside Vocado, also from Sweden, with Jazz-infused A-cappella.

The Real Group (TRG) is a professional acapella ensemble from Sweden formed 27 years ago consisting of members Emma Nilsdotter, Katarina Henryson, Anders Edenroth, Morten Vinther, Anders Jalkéus. They are also known as one of the leading forces in the world of vocal music today.

Through the years, the members have been engaged in a variety of activities such including concert performances, events, studio recordings, song-writing, arranging, score publishing, etc.

TRG’s style was developed early in their history together with compositions and arrangements by the group members. They produced a large number of records consisting of a mix of jazzy vocal music that sometimes leans towards folk music, and sometimes towards pop.

Their appearance in Singapore for the International A Cappella Festival 2011 will be the group’s second time to the city-state since 2006.

TRG will be performing on 13th October, 8PM at the School of the Arts Concert Hall (1 Zubir Said Drive, next to Cathay Cineplex building).

On 19 October, another Swedish acapella group, Vocado, will show off their range in Swedish folksongs as well as jazz and pop at the School of the Arts Studio Theatre.

The group has participated in numerous international a cappella festivals and has won several awards. In 2008, Vocado received first prize and the jury’s special prize in the International A Cappella Contest which was held in Leipzig, Germany.

Since then, the group has toured in Germany and Sweden as well as other countries such as Finland, Spain, Belgium, Austria and others. In the spring of 2011, Vocado was awarded the “Choir of the year 2011” award by the Swedish Choral Society.

The festival will also feature Asian acapella acts highlighted by the Gay Singers from Hong Kong and concerts with Taiwan’s Moment Singers and Malaysia’s FlexiTones.

This year’s Festival will venture to new locations to match the various groups and styles. The Festival will again include a Singapore segment, with the leading youth groups and the country’s favourite acapella groups presenting their music alongside the international groups.

The concerts are generally for approximately 90 minutes with an intermission.

Tickets to the concert are on sale and available at The International A Cappella Festival is organised by The A Cappella Society, and more information about the festival, or society and its other events can also be found at the website.

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