Aegirbio’s saliva test approved by Thailand’s FDA


The Swedish company Aegirbio’s test for Covid-19 has been the only test for saliva detection approved by the Thai equivalent of the FDA (US Medicines Agency) for sale on the Thai market. The approval is valid for professional use, but the company expects a quick approval also for home testing, according to this press release.

The approval opens a market where Thailand and surrounding countries constitute a catchment area with over 600 million inhabitants. The company already has contacts and sales to a number of these countries and their authorities. Aegirbio is prepared and has already scaled up production and now delivers up to 9 million tests per month. The company is now investigating the possibility of increasing the production rate further. The spread of infection in the area is high and the Thai state has decided that Viraspec should be an active part in tracing infections. The forecast is that the need will be at the same high level at least throughout 2022.

“It is great that we succeed in getting approval in Asia in such a short time. The requirements from the FDA in Thailand are at the same high level as in the rest of the world and this is proof that our tests are of the highest class. Being a part of fighting a pandemic feels really good. The forecast for the countries in Asia extends over a longer period of time and our products will be needed to be able to curb the spread of infection. Our Partner NowMed Sweden, together with JP World Medical, which is responsible for the Far East, has done a fantastic job so far and we have given them responsibility for another 15 countries besides Thailand. We are now looking forward to a similar development in these countries”, says Martin Linde, CEO of Aegirbio.

“We are proud to be the first saliva-based Covid test from Europe on the Thai market. That the FDA has approved the test so quickly is proof in itself. I am very happy and proud of the opportunities that the approval provides and look forward to being able to launch Viraspec in all the countries we work with,” says Jacky Ong, CEO of JP World Medical

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