Album “Carbon” created with Thai and Swedish influences by Sirintip Phasuk

The latest album, “Carbon” by the New York based artist, Sirintip Phasuk, is a combined work of jazz and her Thai and Swedish influences in communicating about causes and effects of climate change.

The artist grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, singing and playing Thai instruments and then she went to music school in Sweden and in the United States.

Sirintip told The Concordian that “there are 13 songs in the album and each song is a specific cause or effect of climate change. So what I did was research, among other topics, plastic pollution: what is it? How does it affect us?, ” before it all led to “How do we turn this air pollution data into music?”

In addition, she also shared with that for her next project, she might be going to Greenland to study icebergs and glaciers and do other research trips to create her music and present “the work that I’ve discovered with scientists, and to help tell the narrative of scientists.”

Sirintip’s album “Carbon” was first released in October 2022 and can be listened to now. Her debut album is titled “Tribus.”

Check out more of her albums here.


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