Vietnamese epic is newly present by Swedish artist

The Swedish singer-songwriter Tamela Hedstrom collaborated with director Lê Quý Dương in composing a song inspired by the Vietnamese classic epic Lục Vân Tiê. The poem is written by the famous poet Nguyễn Đình Chiể in the early 1850s of the 19th century.

Tamela shared that she thinks the poem is “beautiful and enthralling” after she read the English version of the piece.

“A visual of the characters and other details popped into my head while I was reading. From there, the tunes just kept coming to me,” she said.

Therefore, Lục Vân Tiê inspired her to write a song lyrics that include features and details of the poem.

The musician first performed her song in July of 2022 and she also is working on presenting the song Lục Vân Tiên to a wider audience in the near future.


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