All about happiness, equality and human rights – Nordic Film Festival 2022

On Tuesday October 18th, the Finnish ambassador H.E. Mr.Jyri Järviaho opened the door to his beautiful residence for the media. He was joined by the other four Nordic ambassadors, H.E.  Mr.Jon Thorgaard, the Danish ambassador,  H.E. Mr. Thorir Ibsen, the Icelandic ambassador (coming from Beijing and joining for the first time), H.E. Mrs. Astrid Emelie Helle, the new Norwegian ambassador and H.E. Mr. Jon Åström Gröndahl, the Swedish ambassador. Together they presented the films in the coming Nordic Film Festival 2022.

The five Nordic films will be screened open air in the lush garden of the Danish embassy (10 Soi Atthakan Prasit, Kwaeng Thung Maha Mek, Sathorn) during 11th to 13th of November. Last time the Nordic Film Festival  took place at EM Quartier.

An inviting coffee table with Finnish delicacies contributed to the relaxed atmosphere.  The Norwegian ambassador, who only had been a month in Bangkok, was thrilled to be here.

The hope is that this Festival shall increase interest for the Nordics as a creative and innovative region and help to amplify the demand for quality films that already exists in Thailand.

Without doubt, todays keyword was HAPPINESS. The Nordic countries are known for their happy and satisfied populations.

Ambassador Jyri explained that for Finns, happiness means that the basics of our society functions and supports well our living and aspirations. Several things provide a good and balanced living. The rights of the people are protected, a trust in institutions like schools, hospitals, judiciary exists and last, but not least the possibility of enjoying a  clean nature.

The Finnish comedy/drama  GIRL PICTURE will be screened on Friday the 11th at 8 pm. The film is about three young girls growing up and searching for themselves. Their choices are not limited by the society, but rather supports their wish to find their true identity.

Ambassador Jon said the Danes are excited to  show the film A PERFECTLY NORMAL FAMILY, a drama based on debut director Malou Reymann’s own childhood, the experience of seeing her father’s transition into a woman. The Danes are taught to question how things are done and the freedom to choose the life one wants to live. Denmark is known for being among the top ten countries in the world with a very strong protection of its citizens’ dignity and freedom. The Danes believe that human rights are the base for happiness in a society.

This film will be screened on Sunday the 13th at 7.30 pm.

The Icelandic ambassador  Thorir, expressed his happiness to be in Bangkok to present the Icelandic film A WOMAN AT WAR,  which is a quite black comedy about a woman who fights to save the planet and adopt a child at the same time. This story  incorporates some fable-like elements casting the main character Halla as an unrelenting guardian or goddess of the wilderness. The ambassador explained that Icelandic movies often are a bit dark and heavy.

This film will be screened on Friday the 11th at 6 pm.

The Norwegian film named OUT STEALING HORSES,  is maybe not reflecting on the typical bubbly kind of happiness, ambassador Astrid said.  It shows the joy of living a life that intertwines with the ever changing and unpredictable ways of wild nature. In this movie the Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård is playing a main character.

OUT STEALING HORSES really shows the connection between humans, animals and nature. The Norwegian people attaches great importance to freedom and the right just to be yourself ambassador Astrid explained. She also said that the word happiness comes from the old Norse, happ that means chance/luck and happi meaning equal.

The film will be screened on Saturday the 12th at 8 pm.

Last, but not least, we have the Swedish movie CATWALK. Ambassador Jon  said, “Visibility for all people contributes to inclusiveness, which brings us together and creates happiness in a society.” The Swedish theatre group GLADA HUDIK consists of adults with intellectual disabilities.

This film is a manifest for  a society where everyone is equally worth and where diversity is seen as an asset. A young woman’s dream to walk the catwalk as a model comes true. It shows the importance to focus on similarities instead of differences. In this film you will briefly see the Swedish Princess Madeleine.

The film will be screened on Saturday the 12th at 6 pm.

During this meeting between ambassadors and media, the words happiness, freedom, equality were often heard.

From Wednesday October 19th,  you can sign up to secure a seat for the different films. The seats are limited.

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