Asia-Pacific exhibition “Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time” presented in Singapore

“Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time” Exhibition. Photo by Samsonite Thailand.

The latest Asia-Pacific exhibition of a world-class luggage and travel bag brand, Samsonite, was presented in Singapore at the start of November 2023. It was titled “Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time” to celebrate its 113 year anniversary of designing and creating products since 1910.

Samsonite organized the event under the concept of “Time Capsule” to bring attendees back through its history. It featured all-time items like C-Lite, Proxis, and Evoa while highlighting the key characteristics of the brand which are lightness, durability, and best-in-class components.

During the occasion, international celebrities and icons from different parts of the world such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand attended the exhibition to observe and experience the uniqueness of Samsonite.

Thai-Norwegian actress, Urassaya Sperbund and her fiancé, Nadech Kugimiyas. Photo by Samsonite Thailand.

Thai-Norwegian actress, Urassaya Sperbund and her fiancé, Nadech Kugimiyas were warmly invited by Samsonite Thailand to be a part of the exhibition along with Samsonite South Korea’s ambassador, Lee Dong Wook, Ayaka Miyash, Heart, Evangelista, and many others.

“I had so much fun being here because we got to learn about Samsonite’s travel luggage from the very beginning until now,” Urassaya said.

The exhibition was held to be both visual and interactive, therefore, “we can see the evolution of the brand’s thoughts, technology, design, practicality as well as sustainability direction,” Nadech said.

In addition to Samsonite’s journey of craftsmanship, the “Destination Samsonite” event presented its new releases including Evoa Z, SBL Major-Lite, and New Strealite.

“Coming here makes us feel like we cannot wait to travel again,” added Urassaya.

Photo by Samsonite Thailand.

Samsonite is a luggage manufacturer and retailer founded by Jesse Shwayde in 1910 in Denver, Colorado. Today, its headquarter is located in Hong Kong, China. The brand has operated in numerous locations around the world such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and other countries in Europe and North America.

In Asia and Pacific, Samsonite’s presence is in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Mainland China, and Australia.

Visit the brand’s website to learn more about each product at your most convenient location or see how online purchasing and shipping conditions are.


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