Backed by H&M and Bestseller, Kintra Fibers raises $8 million

Kintra Fibers, backed by H&M and Bestseller, has raised $8 million in funding.

Unlike traditional polyester, Kintra sources 100-percent bio-based inputs derived from corn glucose to create its patented resin.

Last year, Kintra joined Fashion for Good’s raw material unit and shared its first fabric prototype. This year, Kintra is launching a pilot with a group of Fashion for Good brand partners. These includes Danish Bestseller and Swedish H&M.

“The super power of Kintra is that our material provides the strength of polyester, but is softer,” said Alissa Baier-Lentz, cofounder and chief operating officer of Kintra.

Kintra has a stretch recovery of 10 to 15 percent, making it suitable for everything from knit sweaters to the woven outer layer on a puffer jacket.


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