Barefoot Banana launched two books about Finnish Herra Hakkarainen’s adventures in Thai

Photo: Embassy of Finland in Bangkok

On 21 January, Barefoot Banana, the independent and child-focused publishing house, launched two books about the iconic Finnish sleepwalking goat Herra Hakkarainen’s adventures in Thai.

Herra Hakkarainen, also known as Mr. Clutterbuck in English, was created by Finland’s most celebrated children’s author Mauri Kunnas and has been named Khun Poup-pup in Thailand. 

Flying into Thailand on a Finnair flight, Khun Poup-pup was welcomed by Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Finland in Thailand, Mr. Miika Tomi, and a team from Barefoot Banana. 

Two books about the sleepwalking goat’s adventures are now available in Thailand.

Source: Embassy of Finland in Bangkok

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