BioKube holds Danish Kuala Lumpur presentation


On 7 March the CEO of BioKube Asia Pacific, Christian Vinson, was guest speaker at the Malaysian Danish Business Council (MDBC) breakfast dialogue.

Held at the Danish residence Mr Vinson presented the advanced wastewater management systems manufactured by Biokube A/S back in Denmark.

Biokube has over 15 years of experience in the treatment of wastewater, and last year opened production facilities in Malaysia. Biokube has offices in Denmark and Singapore. Mr. Vinson emphasized how Biokube can help companies treat their sewage water in a way that is acceptable to the environment and absolutely harmless for nature.

In Europe, EU Countries are strongly regulated by the European Union when it comes to the environment. Now this trend of governments tightening up their environmental legislation is becoming more visible outside Europe as well; in particular inspection and enforcement of production industries.


The discussion after the presentation focused on the growing local demand for wastewater treatment in Malaysia, coming not only from new legislation but, more importantly, tougher enforcement.

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