Cars in Denmark most likely produced with forced labor in China

According to Human Rights Watch there is a good chance that the Chinese cars sold to Denmark are being produced with forced labor in the Xinjiang province in China. In a new report by Human Rights Watch the many of the aluminum parts in the cars are most likely being processed by Uighurs – a Muslim ethnic minority in China.

Denmark bought around 20,8 million US dollars worth of passenger cars from China in 2022. In 2023 China was the biggest producer and exporter of cars in the world. In 2023 the country exported cars worth around 73 million US dollars, and the number has more than doubled within the last ten years.

Human Rights Watch claims that car companies do not necessarily know where and under which conditions their aluminum is produced. The report investigated the car production of the following car brands in China: Tesla, Volkswagen Toyota, GM and BYD. The brands either did not want to comment on where the aluminum in their cars is being processed or they do not know. According to Human Rights Watch it is very likely that the metal is from Xinjiang, as ten percent of the aluminum in the world is being processed in this region. Afterwards the metal is sent to other provinces in China, and from here on it is sold to customers.


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