China finds Coronavirus on packaging of imported food from Denmark


The town of Tianjin in northern China has found the COVID-19 virus on a sample collected from the packaging of imported pig trotter, local authorities have announced. The food had been imported from Denmark and the city’s COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters said that authorities detected the novel coronavirus in the sample taken from the packaging in a cold storage unit in Binhai New Area during an inspection.

China has stepped up efforts to block the spread of COVID-19 through imported food. The Ministry of Transport released a guideline in mid-November to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 through cold-chain food imported via roads and waterways.

The imported goods from Denmark did not enter the market and have now been sealed by authorities. A total of 196 samples collected from the packaging of the frozen food and the environment tested negative for COVID-19 and 24 people who had been in contact with the contaminated packaging are under quarantine. They have all tested negative for COVID-19 so far.

Source: China Daily

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