Chinese Minister condemns EU sanctions against Russia

It only took about an hour of the extraordinary EU summit in Brussels last week and the conclusion of the 27 EU leaders was clear. Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a new round of sanctions was to be implemented, which will affect both key sectors and individuals in Russia, the conclusion of the summit stated. 

But citing Reuters, media BT writes that speaking on the matter, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that EU sanctions against Russia have never been an effective means of resolving problems. On the contrary, they could cause ‘serious problems for the countries themselves, the Minister said. 

The summit concluded, amongst other things that “With its illegal military actions, Russia is grossly violating international law, the UN Charter and undermining European and global security and stability.” 

The leaders of the EU countries demand that Russia immediately stop its military actions in Ukraine and withdraw the soldiers from the country.

BT writes that Minister Wang Yi also said that the countries that want to see their reputation tarnished are the countries that interfere in the domestic affairs of others.


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