Connect Sweden Region West opens to China

On 2 June Connect Sweden Region West (Connect Sverige Region Väst) once again arranged the seminar series “Doing Business in China”, with Negotiations & Business as theme. Together with Sweden China Trade Council four independent sessions are arranged during the year to increase knowledge about the Chinese market. The seminar series target companies planning to do business in China, but also to those who already have business in China but also those wanting to develop or restructure their existing business.

In 2014 China became the world’s largest economy, measured in purchasing power, and is also growing increasingly important for Swedish companies. For many of those it is an unexplored market and those already established have still not reached their full potential. Borås Stad has since several years an agreement with the city of Yancheng in China, located in Jiangsu province. This province is located on the Chinese east coast and is known among other things for textile products and electronics. The agreement opens up opportunities for more business in the Borås region that want to make contacts in China. Borås city is happy to help, said the international coordinator of Borås stad Jonas Widerström.


The previous seminar dealt with the legal aspects. On 2 June the focus was on Chinese history, structural and cultural differences and modernization, by lecturers who themselves have extensive experience from the Chinese business sector (banking, insurance, stocks, mutual funds and M & A).

Vice Chairman Frédéric Cho – SCTS – frequently hired China commentator on radio, television and newspapers; Chairman Thomas Lagerqvist – SCTS – the Swedish lawyer who has worked longest in China; and board member Björn Aschan – SCTS – a lawyer who has worked with China since the mid-1980s, are attending the seminar.

The autumn’s seminars will focus on purchasing, production and companies that made the journey over to China. The aim is to provide an introduction to Chinese business and negotiation skills, and open up companies that want to start doing business in China.

Textile Fashion Center is a meeting place in a creative environment for people, businesses, cultures, students, businessmen, and creative and curious people – young and old. It is a cluster to inspire people to dare to turn dreams into reality.

The basic idea is based on that innovative processes are best done in the interaction between companies, academia and society. There is potential for new businesses, companies, products and research but also for more qualitative education and cooperation between culture and education through sharing of premises.

The businesses that operate in Textile Fashion Center are a huge bank of knowledge with everything from expert to education and research at the forefront.

Textile Fashion Center is a place for fashion shows, cultural events, business, exhibitions, events, meetings, dinners, and training.

Three parties form the basis for the cluster; Borås City, the University of Borås and the collective economy of the Borås region.

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