Danish ambassador to Indonesia celebrates the two nations ‘energy-brotherhood’

Winds of change: The wind power plant that was inaugurated by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in Sidrap regency, South Sulawesi, on Monday, July 2, 2018. JP/Andi Hajramurni (JP/Andi Hajramurni)

In an article recently published by The Jakarta Post, Lars Bo Larsen, Danish ambassador in Indonesia celebrates the two nations’ agreement to upscale the energy cooperation significantly in the period 2020-2025.

Ambassador Lars Bo Larsen describes the differences between the two countries in terms of size and population and the energy challenges that come with that. In Denmark energy is needed to keep houses warm the majority of the year in contrast to tropical Indonesia where energy is needed to keep houses and offices cool all year long.

He also shines a light on the important similarities which include the many different energy resources, adding that Indonesia has all renewable energy sources available. Lars Bo Larsen writes that Indonesia has been clear on its ambition to reach 23 percent renewable energy in its energy mix by 2025. With that, the need for international financing is increasing but international organizations gradually move away from financing coal and fossil power production to focus more on renewable energy sources.

He highlights the goals of the expanded government-to-government cooperation on energy between Denmark and Indonesia, and explains that the focus will be on improving energy efficiency, improving energy modeling and planning as well as integrating an increasing amount of renewable energy in the systems. The target is that Indonesia also can reach its targets to increase shares of renewable energy as effectively as possible and enjoy the benefits of declining prices on green energy worldwide.

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