Danish artist launches global troll hunt

Danish artist Thomas Dambo, famous for his huge wooden trolls, has sent his fans on a worldwide quest to find his latest piece.

Dambo has created a treasure hunt to find “Moon Mother”, his 100th troll sculpture. The artis himself says she has “crawled into the most secret spot in the forest” to give birth.

His giant figures inspired by Scandinavian folk tales are often located off track to inspire people to venture out into nature.

“In all of Scandinavia, we have trolls in our folklore,” said Dambo of the ugly mythological creatures that are said to live under bridges.

Sustainable art

The collection is made almost entirely out of recycled materials, to show what you can do while keeping it sustainable.

“I like to build my things out of trash because I think that trash is a treasure,” Dambo says. He then added, that he hope his art can be a part of the movement that shows people that trash is not disgusting and it’s not worthless.

His sculptures are spread around the globe, but most are in his native country Denmark. Still there are trolls all over the world, including Southeast Asia.

The former graffiti artist and rapper dedicated himself to “trolling” back in 2014. This was after he made his first two trolls for a music festival.

Wulong, China
Troll map

His sculptures have been visited by approximately 10 million people, according to the artist. Each troll is unique, and has its own name, design and personality.

Almost all of the artist’s trolls can be found using an online “Troll Map”. But fans looking for “Moon Mother” will have to use QR codes placed on metal plaques next to his other 99 creations. Once fans have found all the codes, a riddle will reveal the location of the new troll.

“It’s a little bit cryptical,” Dambo admitted.

Source: barrons.com

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