Danish badminton player Viktor Axelsen opens company in China


According to BT, World champion Danish badminton player Viktor Axelsen has just opened a company in China together with his father. The new company will develop a supplement in relation to lactic acid, and this will be done in collaboration with another company in China, which is responsible for production. The new project VA Health has been underway for several years and the plan is to open up in Denmark in January as well.

In an interview with BT, Viktor Axelsen says, “It is an area with enormous potential and I hope the product can help a lot of people who have stomach issues. Our focus is on lactic acid bacteria, and it is both a supplement for athletes as well as the general citizen. The product will be available worldwide.”

Throughout his career, the badminton player has been very focused on optimizing his lifestyle, diet and his body and constantly tried to find supplements. When the opportunity of manufacturing his own supplements presented itself, it was natural for him to go for it.  As he speaks Chinese it was obvious that the project had to start in China.

Viktor Axelsen further explains, “When you travel a lot, you quickly find out how much your gastrointestinal flora means to the immune system. And optimizing is just a very important part of a healthy lifestyle as an athlete.” Viktor Axelsen is very involved in the project and plans to spend even more time on it, once the products are ready for sale. He hopes that this project is what he can devote his time to, once he retires from his career as a professional badminton player.

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