Danish Viktor Axelsen introduces daughter to Singapore’s Loh Kean Yew after Indonesian Open win

Not only is Danish badminton player Victor Axelsen the proud winner of Indonesian Open 2021, but he is also a very proud dad. It takes a lot to balance your career and family, but Viktor Axelsen seems to have managed it and he was happily introducing his daughter to Singapore’s Loh Kean Yew after his Indonesian Open win on 26 November in Bali.

The 27-year-old badminton player secured the men’s singles title after he beat out Singapore’s Loh Kean Yew. This is the first time Viktor Axelsen has won the Indonesia Open.

Because the Danish player earlier this year chose to train in Dubai instead of together with the Danish national team in Denmark, he has managed the tournament in Bali without a coach.

But he had his family there and was accompanied by his daughter Vega Rohde Axelsen when receiving his prize on Sunday. 

Hype writes that Victor on social media expressed his joy of having his family by his side while he competed in the tournament, but regretted that the fans could not be there in person. “I hope to see you again soon. Thank you for your support towards me and love for VV (Vega)!” he said. 

Victor also said that he is taking his role as a father seriously. “I am a professional player, and at the same time, I am also (Vega’s) father.” he jokingly admitted however that he is “lacking behind on my daddy duties at the moment,” and said he looks forward to celebrating the win with his wife and daughter.

There were also no hard feelings between himself and Loh Kean Yew after the final. “Loh is not only a great badminton player but also such a great guy outside the court,” he said and made sure to thank Loh for the match and congratulate him for coming so far. “We will continue to help each other and make progress together!” he declared.

Danish media DR writes that the Indonesian Open is a Super 1000 tournament which means it has a total prize pool of USD 850.000.

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