Danish band Michael Learns to Rock loves Asia


Three piece band of Michael Learns to Rock- Jascha Richter, Mikkel Lentz and Kare Wanscher -are little known in the US and Europe but have sold millions to legions of fans across Asia.

They’re not afraid to play off the beaten track either – the boys just played a date in Yangon, Myanmar last month. Local media caught up with singer and keyboard player Jascha for an interview ahead of their show at Dubai Tennis Stadium on Thursday night

You’re loved all over Asia, can you recall any particularly crazy concerts?

Manila and Cebu in the Philippines spring to mind if you mean ‘crazy’ crazy! But nowadays we have a more mature audience. Some sold out venues are quiet, some loud – it depends on the mentality of the people and we learned to read the audience from show to show.

What was the reaction like in Myanmar? Would you recommend a trip?

It was the most special performance in recent times for our band. Many fans showed up already in the airport, and the interest was massive. The big audience were very silent but very passionate about us at the same time. They are friendly and calm people and the country is beautiful. It’s nice and clean and the traffic is still OK so yes, go to Myanmar!

What other memorable locations have you played?

We’ve played Shilong in India, Kathmandu in Nepal and Ullanbatar in Mongolia. We played Dubai several times before, some time ago and we also played one concert in Bahrain. There was a great atmosphere everytime - very warm and loving.

Did you have any idea you’d be so popular in Asia?

Absolutely not! It came as a surprise when ‘The Actor’ became a big hit back in 1991.

Have you ever had any low points, or worried that you weren’t going to ‘make it’?

Of course, in the beginning (back in 1988) it took three years to make the first album, that was frustrating.

Do you still have ambitions to crack some of the mainstream markets, the US and UK?

Of course we do – when the world gets more mature and ballad oriented!


Source: albawaba.com

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