Danish Companies signs partnership with food, agriculture group in Vietnam

On 5 September the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi hosted the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between six Danish companies and Tan Long Group to formalize their agreements to adopt advanced Danish technologies on the Vietnamese company’s product lines.

Being one of Vietnam’s leading traders in food and agricultural commodities, Tan Long Group is expanding its pork-and-rice production with on-ongoing projects in both Vietnam and Myanmar. Meanwhile, the six Danish companies Skiold, Munters, Tornordic, Danbred, Vilomix and Haarslev are well-known companies for their turn- key solutions within pig farm equipment, grain handling, feed mill plant, genetics, feed nutrition, slaughterhouses and meat bone mill.

“This strategic partnership agreement stands as a good example of commercial cooperation within the livestock area – the food industry is mentioned in the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between Denmark and Vietnam signed in 2013 as an area of which the partners will seek to increase cooperation,” stated the embassy.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi

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